Rudolf Rojahn (b.1980) is a Boston-based composer of contemporary art music. He is the founder and artistic director of Guerilla Opera, a chamber opera company for which he has written three works; Heart of a Dog, We Are Sons and Bovinus Rex. In 2012 the Improper Bostonian awarded the group it's "Best of Boston" Award in the Opera Company category. He was the composer-in-residence for Boston's Ludovico Ensemble from 2005-2010, a collaboration that resulted in several pieces including Antikythera Mechanism for bass clarinet and ensemble. His music has also been performed on Boston Modern Orchestra Project's Club Concert Series, as well as by Juventas! New Music Ensemble, Lorelei Ensemble,and Quincy Symphony Orchestra. Forthcoming performances by Transient Canvas and Primary Duo.

Rudolf is a lecturer in harmony and ear training at the Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory's School for Continuing and Preparatory Education. He is currently writing a textbook on advanced rhythmic training and theory entitled 'Complexity in Rhythm'. He graduated from the Boston Conservatory in 2004 with an MM in Composition under the tutelage of Andy Vores. Upon graduation he was awarded the Roger Sessions Award for academic and creative excellence.

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